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Math Scientist – Choosing the right numbers

So our first game is going to be about numbers, and about matching numbers (to be more precise). So naturally choosing the right graphical representation is a really important task. Getting to the end result however was not as straightforward as we thought, so here is a small insight into the steps we made to get to our final version of the numbers.

First we wanted to check if the players have an easier time matching things via colors or shape, so our first variant looked like this:


Now on paper it didn’t look THAT bad, but it turns out that it is much easier to match things at a glance by color and not by shape. While the shape does have some effect when trying to match things, it is by no means as strong of a factor as the color of the thing you are trying to match.


As much as I like the simple flat look of the whole thing, trying to match anything that was not a square was super hard. So no good… back to the drawing board. As there are 9 possible digits in our game we had to color code each one in such a way that it interferes with the others as little as possible. So our next variant looked something like this:


The rainbow-y color scheme separates each number with a different color. The shape helps to further separate the numbers from each other so in effect we have a much easier time finding matching numbers


Now the big problem has been solved (somewhat), but it still doesn’t feel right. The numbers have some strange half glossy, half blurry look that makes them look kinda unappealing (subjective I know, but hey, someone got to make the calls :D). So we removed the leash from our designer (and also removed the chain with the heavy ball attached, opened the fences and fed him enough so he can survive a few days…) and he came back with these sweet things (and a bone, though we had to throw that away ): )

Variant 1 – flat:


Variant 2 – sciency looking things (the bubbles are supposed to animate in game):


A big improvement from the first numbers, but which one to chose!?! We liked the 2nd ones more, but they had the chemistry vibe that didn’t really go all that well with the whole math thing we wanted to push. The first one were neutral, but bland.


And why not indeed? After discussing it, we figured out we could have themed levels with different kind of numbers in it. It would add to development time but it will give a much more interesting end product. We figured it was worth it.
That’s it for now, until our next post :3!

P.S. I wonder how people with synesthesia see all this? I am really curious about this one :D

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