Math Scientist – Let’s help the numbers find a perfect home

Now, that we have decided on the numbers a question of background remains. We can’t have our numbers floating around in space like this.


No, we have to find a proper home for them. Every number needs a home and every game needs a background. And what better place to locate the numbers than to a maths classroom. That’s exactly where we placed them for the first 30 levels of the game.

math final

Abacus, calculator, pyramids and cubes, all areas of mathematics covered! But first lets get the digits in order by placing them into a grid blocks. For the blocks we wanted something that’s aesthetically pleasing and at the same time appropriate for the story (yes, there’s a storyline but you’ll have to wait till our next blog to find out more about it). Finally, we settled on the millimeter, graph paper commonly used for plotting mathematical functions and drawing graphs.

math 3 final mockup

Naturally, different number types demand different backgrounds. So we moved on from maths to another school subject. Since we’ve already labeled our “bubble kind” of digits to have “that chemistry vibe” there was only one place suitable for them. The chemistry lab! The scientific surrounding keeps the game “geeky” and our numbers happy.


After deciding on the “baby blue” for the walls (the calming and positive color, psychologist say and we agree), we added the supplies to our laboratory. Starting with a couple of glass flasks slowly we added test tubes, cylinders and a couple of thing we’re not sure how to call (but we know we’ve seen them in our high school lab so we were pretty sure they’ll fit :D).


Great! But there’s still something missing. “Let’s repaint the walls and add a cabinet”-we though.


That’s much better! It’s all in the details, isn’t it?

The grid had changed as well, and for this part of the game we have chosen blocks similar to microscope slides and cover glass. The numbers can move freely through the transparent blocks, but the gray, iron ones are an obstacle (similar to crossword puzzles). Players have to find their way around them.

lab final mockup

Now we’re ready for an experiment! Life’s an experiment, so is our game!


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