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Math Scientist – Introducing the character: The Ma(d)th Scientist

As every child and most adults know learning mathematics is hard. That’s why we invented a mentor to guide the players trough various stages and levels of the game.

Some (but not all) of our inspirational images -Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and … this guy!


Now due to an unfortunate event, our designer got all his USB ports fried. This prevented him from using his trusty intous, so he resorted back to doodling on paper. The doodles were then captured with phone camera and sent via email back to his PC. (one has to improvise :D ). Here are some of the doodles:


We tried Einstein’s hair, Tesla’s hair, mad scientist hair… Maybe a hat (hmmmm…no). Then facial hair- Einstein’s mustaches, Tesla’s mustaches, mad scientist mustaches… And glasses, definitely glasses! We also tried several colors for the hair, and goofed around with his clothes a bit (like putting only odd numbers on his shirt, because he is… well odd :D ).

Another side-effect of the broken USB ports was that our designer had to draw the scientist with vectors. It complemented the rest of the visual style well so Finally we decided on something like this.

scientist MK1

OK, our scientist looks great but what does he do? Many, many things! He welcomes the players, guides them trough levels and gives them tasks they must accomplish in order to prove themselves wordy of being his apprentice. Here is an image from withing the current build of the game.

scientist mockUp MK1

Maybe his not the nicest person to work with, but maybe he’ll get more pleasant once you prove your worth to him.

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