Math Scientist – Get calculating! It’s time to play the game

Now, that you’ve met our numbers, background and the scientist it’s time put them all together. We are getting very close to the launch, and our game is being tested in closed Beta as from today, so here is a sneak peak of the current build of the game.

We’ve got our numbers lined up in the grid lines. The digits range from one to nine. The goal of a player is to connect three identical numbers together. That can be achieved by (horizontally or vertically) swapping the positions of two neighboring numbers.


Once you have gotten the three number together, they will disappear and new number will fall from above to fill in the gaps. Sometimes the points are won when the chains of three are formed by the falling numbers. We have considered using gravity to get the digits to fall, but they  were getting stuck while moving left and right so we had to use a completely different mechanics.

When the three numbers disappear, their sum will appear and it can be a one or a two digit sum. If it’s a one digit sum you can carry on as usual. For example, three twos make a 6 and you can use that number to match it with other sixes.

But if its a two digits sum,then the numbers start to slowly decrease in value and you’ll have to double-click on it in order to get points, or combine it with two other large numbers and get an even larger one!



You can create chains of three or more numbers, so tree is a minimum and not an optimum. What happens when you create a four number chain? Or maybe five? And what’s you’re objective (how to beat a level)? You’ll have to wait until our next blog to find out. Stayed tuned…

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