Limits to Infinity: Special numbers and equations

In our previous blog we talked about matching the three number together. Now we move on to a higher level of mathematics with our set of special numbers and equations.

When 4 identical digits are lined up in a row they make an special character X. When 4 numbers are connected vertically they create an Y. These two special characters can replace any digit in a line. When aligned with the set of two identical numbers X destroys all the digits in the same row while Y destroys all of the digits in the column.

At first, an X and a Y were our only special characters. But, what if a player connects five of more digits together? It seemed unfair to have the same effect. After all, 5 number in a row is harder to achieve than 4. That’s why we decided to invent another special character for those who connect five or more numbers together. This special character is called “the sum” and it removes all digits of the same value as the one it is matched with. That’ s how you can remove that 6 that’s been stuck at the corner of the board for a while now. Just match the sum with a 6 lying next to it and all the sixes will disappear from the board.

What if you get five number in a t or cross shape? You’ll be getting the infinity! The infinity acts like a mix of an X and a Y, it removes the numbers from the column and a row as well.
As we were playing around with numbers,  trying to make the game more interesting, it came to us. Why not put the numbers to a good use and … you know… calculate. Then we inserted some simple equation into our game.


How to solve the equation? The certain mathematics symbols are inserted into the blocks. We decided on a plus and minus symbol for a first few levels, but we might move on to multiplication and division later on.

It’s up to a player to get the right numbers in line in order to solve the equation. Once you’ve done that, the numbers disappear and a large amount of points are added to the score. But its not all about the points. Without solving the equation you won’t be able to move on to the next level. Random clicking won’t always help, you’ll have to use your mind as well :)

As we said before, X and Y can replace any digit on the board. That goes for the equations as well. The easiest way to solve it, is to get the one of the two special character in the spots selected for the equation, and the equation is automatically solved. Trying to make it a little easier for you, that’s what the special numbers are all about.

As a nice little side-effect it turned out that the equations we used to enrich our game were helping children in our test group learn maths. Fun and educational, you don’t see that every day do you :D

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