Math Scientist – Levels are just around the corner

As we approach the finish line for developing our game the work shifted from making big features to lots and lots of small ones. Most of them are visual animations, and general polish but nevertheless we worked hard to update our visuals to make the game more appealing. We made a few changes to the animations, so now when you finish a level a wave of numbers will pass trough the board to notify you of your success. You’ll also notice that our special characters had gotten a new, edgier look :) . And finally we changed the equations visuals, making them far more visible and clean looking than before. All this will (we hope) add to the final experience of the player.



OK, so the levels look great! All we have to do now is connect them together by creating a map. Instead of a liner maps often used in this kind of games, we’ve decided on a geometrical figures (for math levels) or atoms like maps (for lab levels), etc. Each level is represented on a map, by a circle marking a corner of a geometrical or an atom-like figure. We can’t wait to start adding more stuff to the game once it is out, as this gives us quite a few options to make something interesting and fun.




Once the level is completed, several others will open up, and you’ll get a chance to choose the next stage you wanna play. Yep there is choice, that way, if you get stuck on one level (quite annoying, we know) simply choose a different one to play. Keep in mind that  passing all the levels that form the figure is required in order to move on to the next map!

Upon completion of the levels located on a single map, figure  will change its color and the player will be awarded a trophy (bronze, silver or gold) depending on the number of stars won. Then you’ll move on to the next figure and the next adventure can begin…

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