Math Scientist – A few boosters to power up the game

The Math Scientist provides various boosters that can be gained or purchased to provide assistance during levels. If you ever run into a level so difficult, that you simply can not pass, even after you’ve used  all of you mathematical and gaming skills to do so … you can always opt for one of the game’s boosters for help. Or you can use them just for fun :D

Either way,  the Math Scientist (at this point) offers its players, three different types of boosters: the swap, shuffle and addition booster.

As it’s name suggests, the swap booster will enable you to swap  two adjacent numbers. This way the numbers can be relocated when needed, without creating a match, or wasting a move.

13x29Qj - Imgur(1)

The reshuffle booster will rearrange the entire board of numbers, mixing them up together randomly. This power-up comes in handy for all those moments in the game when you need something to happen in one part of the board, but there is no way of achieving that (or at least not without wasting lots of moves).

jVTt6WX - Imgur

And if you need a larger number than the one you have on the board, then simply create one, by adding the two neighboring numbers together. This option is provided by the addition booster. Click the booster, then one and the other number and the addition will be made! In the .gif bellow you can see 1 and 8 being added to create a new number 9 :) Useful both for equations solving and for earning higher scores.


There are several different ways to  get these boosters.
First, few booster will be awarded to you at the very start of the game, you know for good luck. Then you can get some by logging in every day (a sort of a prize for devotion if you will). Finally. booster may appear  as a reword for passing certain levels.  So while playing, logging in and completing the levels you can accumulate quite a few boosters to help you out when the game gets tough. And if you’ve spend all of them and need some more… well, you can always buy some in a  game’s store :)

As the game development progresses and new levels are created, new boosters will be invented and inserted into the mixture. And as the levels get more and more difficult we’ll think of new and imaginative boosters to help you out. You’re welcome :D

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